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Serving The Total Enlisted Force

The Voice of the Enlisted

A Tax Deductible 501 (c) (19) Corporation

TREA: The Enlisted Association
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Forms & Documents


TREA Membership Application - full page

TREA Brochure

Memorial Brochure

Auxiliary Brochure

TSCL Brochure


Veteran Online Shopping Benefits (information)


TREA Board Minutes - 

     2018 Precon

     2018 1st Business Meeting (at Convention)

     2018 2nd Business Meeting (at Convention)

     2018 PostCon


 Application for Financial Assistance

Application for Food Card

Application for Disaster Assistance

Scholarship application (Memorial Foundation) 


Current Bylaws (updated September 2018) 
Current Standing Rules (updated September 2018) 


JROTC Certificate - with border

JROTC - without border


For Members:

100-1: Accreditation of Chapter Delegates

100-1M: Accreditation of Member-At-Large Delegate
100-2: National Convention Chapter Delegate Proxy
100-2M: National Convention Member-At-Large Delegate
100-3: Resume for Candidate for Elective Office
100-3MT: Resume for Candidate for Elective Office-Memorial Foundation and/or TSCL Board of Trustees
100-4: Notification of Death of a TREA Member

100-16: Proposed Amendment to TREA Bylaws and Standing Rules

100-92: TREA Member-At-Large Request Form

100-96: Marketing Items Request Form

100-97: Request for VSO Assistance


For Current Board Members:
100-5: Travel Authorization
100-6: Travel Reimbursement
100-7: Miscellaneous Expense Reimbursment
100-12: National Committee Report
100-43: Recommendations for TREA National Awards

E-mail Access link


For Chapters:

100-8 Change from Chapter to MAL Status

100-9: Roster of Chapter Officers
100-11: Chapter Financial Statement

100-13: Quarterly Report on Terminated Members

100-22:  Quarterly Chapter Reporting Requirements
100-23: Minutes Report